21 Days of Prayer 2020

Monday, January 6th – Sunday, January 26th


Monday – Friday: 6am – 7am in the Central Café
Saturdays: 9am – 10am in the Central Café
Sundays: Join us for one of our 3 Sunday Experiences

Sunday, January 26th: Encounter – Join us in celebrating our final day of prayer!

Everyone welcome!



A note from Jonathan Gallo:


The goal of this years’ 21 Days of Prayer at Central is to immerse our church family in the plan and story of God from the beginning to the completion of the Bible.


Each reading is designed to highlight critical chapters in the overall narrative.


As you read the devotionals, you will see each one has FOUR SECTIONS:


In the first section, you will find a SUMMARY of the reading.

In the second section, you will discover OBSERVATIONS that each author has made for the text.

In the third section, INTERPRETATION, you will find the meaning of each chapter.

In the fourth section, you will discover APPLICATIONS, that could be expressed in our personal lives.


The purpose of this format is to help us grow in our ability to study scripture and apply it to our lives in a daily way.  You are encouraged to read and create your own application for each day as well.


We are praying this experience is rich and beneficial as we head into 2020.


Please see copies of the devotionals below:


Day 1 – January 6th

Day 2 – January 7th

Day 3 – January 8th

Day 4 – January 9th

Day 5 – January 10th

Day 6 – January 11th

Day 7 – January 12th

Day 8 – January 13th

Day 9 – January 14th

Day 10 – January 15th

Day 11 – January 16th

Day 12 – January 17th

Day 13 – January 18th

Day 14 – January 19th

Day 15 – January 20th

Day 16 – January 21st

Day 17 – January 22nd

Day 18 – January 23rd

Day 19 – January 24th

Day 20 – January 25th

Day 21 – January 26th