21 Days of Prayer | Day 3

Why at night? And how did Jesus know the answer to Nicodemus’ question without it being asked? Those are just two of the questions we may have from Jesus’ meeting with Nicodemus.

It was under the cover of darkness, away from the public eye, that this leader of the Jewish ruling council, Nicodemus, sought out Jesus. He must not have wanted the others to see him approaching this man from Nazareth. Do we sometimes, because of our pride, not want others to see us approach Jesus? What will people think if they find out you are religious? Does it show weakness in the eyes of some? Are we embarrassed to admit that we don’t have all the answers? For Nicodemus, that may have been a real problem. Jesus was causing a great concern for the rulers of the Jewish community. They were afraid of losing their power and authority as Jesus publicly challenged them and, in some cases, rebuked them. One of the main problems for them was Jesus’ ability to perform miracles! This had the potential to cause public allegiance to waiver from their traditions.

It was amazing that Jesus replied to Nicodemus’ observation with how to see the kingdom of God. He knew the real reason for Nicodemus’ visit. The Jewish people at that time would have assumed that Nicodemus would know that answer already. After all, he was part of the ruling council. Jesus, using the illustration of the wind, explained how you can know something is there without seeing it.

Are there times when you need to believe in God even when you cannot see Him or touch Him? Just think of the power of the wind. It has the ability to physically move items yet, it is completely invisible. When you are discouraged or doubting in the invisible God remember the wind.

Think of a time when you felt the wind blowing on you. Think of times you have seen the power or the fury of the wind on the water. May it be a reminder that God is alive and well.

• Pray for the perspective to see God active in your life.

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