21 Days of Prayer | Day 5

Today I would like to focus on the question that Jesus may be asking you. Before we get to that question, I want to invite you into a small part of my world. I absolutely love to dream big dreams. I have a book filled with ideas and thoughts and “maybe one day”. A few years ago I was telling one of my friends about some of the dreams I had and how passionate I was about them. He patiently listened to me, nodded at the right time, smiling at the exact moment and even seemed just as passionate about some of my ideas as me. But he did something at the end of our conversation that changed my perspective on my ideas and dreams. He asked me this question, “So, are you ready to start any of them?”

Well, this just opened a new window in my life called “excuses”. I went on about how I didn’t have enough money, or time, etc. Each idea was backed up by a truckload of excuses, which blocked any of my dreams from turning into a reality.

In John 5, Jesus asks a similar question to a man who had been sick for 38 years. “Would you like to get well?”

This question was followed up with excuse after excuse about why he wasn’t yet healed. But none of those reasons had anything to do with Jesus. The sick man was focused on his own limitations and the limitations of his physical surroundings. Jesus never asked him why he wasn’t healed, He asked if he wanted to get well. When Jesus gets involved, your limitations are eliminated. Jesus simply speaks life and healing into the man’s life and instantly he was healed.

So many times we limit what Jesus can do in our lives based on our own limitations. Be reminded today that all Jesus needs is a willing heart to see your dreams come true today.

• What area of your life are you allowing your own limitations to hold you back?