21 Days of Prayer | Day 6

My husband and I received an opportunity to learn from a trainer who could help us reach some goals we’d been unable to attain on our own.

First, we were part of a crowd listening to stories and teachings about concepts we believed in theoretically but weren’t sure how to apply. Then we were invited to intensive training for three days. There was a sacrifice, an investment, and lots of potential involved. But the concepts and tools were unfamiliar and difficult to grasp, so only a few of us from that crowd accepted the invitation.

At the next training, the expert taught about more concepts that were hard to understand. At one point, he captured attention by offering $1,000 to illustrate a principle. Another time he wowed everyone by making a spontaneous stock trade that generated $20,000 in minutes, showing he had authority in what he was teaching. Each person left with access to the same tools and info. But only those who asked for accountability to apply what they had learned received an invitation to mentorship. And even fewer chose to invest in and commit to the daunting mentorship process.

I thought of this experience when I read through John 6.

When Jesus asks, “Where can we buy bread to feed this crowd?”, like Philip, I’d think about how this could be possible instead of first acknowledging Jesus’ identity and God’s abundance.

I see Jesus perform miracles like feeding over 5,000 people and causing a boat to instantly land at its destination, and I marvel at the moment. Yet, I can easily miss the bigger message.

Like Jesus’ followers wanting all-you-can-eat bread for life like manna in the wilderness, I ask, “What do I need to do to get my needs met? What must I do to receive God’s approval? What do I need to do to see God do what He did before?”

When I watch for the answers I relate to or expect, I miss fresh abundance God is waiting to release to me. When there’s an investment or a sacrifice, I gripe because it’s no longer easily being handed to me. Thankfully, I’m learning to ask different questions, such as, “Jesus, what are you really up to in this situation? How can I be part of it?”

• Pray for a new perspective to your situation.