Our vision is to inspire teens to dream big

We are a community of youth who are crazy enough to believe that we can change the world – and we know that whatever grade we’re in this year, God has big plans for us.
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What We’re All About

We are a grace-filled, non-judgemental group of people who are doing our best to live for Jesus at school, home, work and around our friends.

Every week we experience energetic worship with our house band, a practical and inspiring talk and small groups with friends that are a great place to ask spiritual and life questions.

CYM STUDENTS [Grade 8-12] WHEN: Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm [Begins Sept 13]
JR. HIGH [Grade 6 & 7] WHEN: Warehouse – Sunday Mornings – All Experiences

2017/2018 Events

Overflow Conference: May 18-20 [Gr 9-12]


LA Dream Center: March Break 2018 [Gr 9-12] LA Info Sheet