We see a future filled with God’s hope, power and opportunity!


We see a future filled with God’s hope, His power and the opportunity to see the Niagara Region transformed. The vision that He’s given us is massive but we are stepping out in faith to build for that future and we won’t stop, lose heart, or give up!

$8.1M Has Been Pledged To Date

Combine That With The $4M Projected Sale Of Our Current Property And We Have$12.1M
Building estimate for is approximately $20-$24M

You Are Part Of An Incredible Story

For almost 100 years people like us have stood at these crossroads with the same trembling in our hearts. We know now what they knew then, we’re being called to step out in faith.

Whether it was Mabel Cunningham opening her home to begin this church in the early 1920’s (after her daughter was miraculously healed from diphtheria) or that time we purchased our first church on Queenston Street with no money, a looming deadline, and a pastor who was so anxious he couldn’t sleep. We’ve been through this before, moments like the one we’re in today have been a part of our history. The night before the downpayment necessary to get the keys to their new building, Pastor Montgomery was up pacing around the house praying earnestly for God to provide a miracle. They were $100 short and the whole deal would fall through if he didn’t have the money by morning. His wife, rather annoyed by his commotion told him to take his hat and coat and go for a walk. Pastor Montgomery left the house and took a walk toward the church. Along that dark road he was approached by a stranger who stopped to ask him if he was Pastor Montgomery. Upon replying yes, the man gave him an envelope then disappeared into the night. Pastor Montgomery furiously opened the envelope to find ten, crisp $10 bills, enough for the downpayment and the keys to their new church home. Countless people have been impacted since then because of the faith of a group of people who decided to trust God and purchase a building they didn’t have the money for.

Opposite: Elim Tabernacle, the first building we purchased

The Peach Orchard On The Edge Of Town

1967 Was another crossroads year in the story of our church. The land we are on today was a peach orchard without much around it.

After many years in downtown St. Catharines God had another faith test in store for a new generation of people at Central. Like those that had gone before them, the church knew that they were at a crossroads, and they knew that they needed to trust God for their future. Even though God had supernaturally provided their church building in downtown St. Catharines, He was clearly leading them into a new future that required another test of their faith. They took a big risk and purchased a peach orchard out on the edge of town. In the end, our current property cost us between $3.5-4.5M to build and renovate to what you see today.

Opposite: The Peach Orchard We Purchased At 240 Scott St. (Circa 1967)

Thinking Big Has Always Been In Our DNA

This campaign continues our heritage of wanting to boldly follow God’s vision for Central

There have been several defining moments in the history of Central, and we are living in the middle of another one of those seasons today. What happens through this building project will directly effect Central for decades to come, just as the decisions made generations ago proved to do. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s twenty Central busses would hit the road to pick up kids for Sunday school. We had a fleet of buses and volunteers dedicated to sharing Jesus with kids all over Niagara and 30 years later we are still experiencing the effects of that bold vision. Our prayer through this campaign is that thirty years from now another generation of people will experience the effects of our faith.

We’re Standing On The Edge Of Another Defining Moment

Today we find ourselves at another crossroads. On this peach orchard we call home we’ve seen thousands of kids and adults come to faith in Jesus, thousands of people baptized and scores of people have their practical needs met through the church.

We have grown from a single family with a vision to see God change their friends and neighbours to a large family, over 2,000 strong, committed to seeing God change an entire region. God has used us on this peach orchard, but it is time to go boldly in faith again. Just as God called us from downtown St. Catharines to a piece of land surrounded by orchards, we are being called to move again. This time it is our turn to impact the generations to come, it is our turn to exercise bold faith and put our complete trust in God. The leadership, along with over 450 individuals and families have been praying earnestly about this decision for two years. Time and time-again God has confirmed this direction clearly. Now it is up to us to move with the same courage our fore bearers did, it is time to go.

Opposite: Baptism Experience In 2018

It’s Our Turn To Walk In Faith

Like those who have gone before us we are standing on the precipice of something great. We have the same fear they had, but even more than the fear, we have the same faith in the same great God!

Early in 2015 on an average Sunday we had something pretty incredible happen. During prayer time in Warehouse 57 (CentralKids grades 5-7) one Sunday, a young boy asked for prayer after his uncle (living oversees) was killed by Islamic extremists the week before because he was a Christian. The Warehouse leader reminded the kids that, where 2 or more are gathered, Christ is there with them. This opened the door for other kids to share their prayer requests, including one boy who has a friend with leukaemia. At the end of this the kids gathered around each other and prayed for each other! This is only one story of many like it and is why we are stepping out in faith the way we are. The entire leadership of the church and over 540 families and individuals are walking forward in unity, believing whole-heartedly that this is the direction God is calling us to go.

Opposite: Breaking Ground on Our York Road Property