Sometimes we get fixated on life’s big decisions, and forget that it is the compounding effect of all the little decisions we make that can set the big decisions up for failure or success. Making good decisions is less about the “big ones” and more about the small choices we make every day. In week 1 of our series How To Make A Good Decision we learned the best question we can ever ask. What is the wise decision? We also learned that this question comes in 3 parts.

1. In light of my past experience, what is the wise decision? The key to this question is that it is personal. When asking this question we must focus on our past experiences, not the experiences of others, but our own. Based on your own past, what is the wise thing to do?

2. In light of my present situation, what is the wise decision? Combining what you know about past experiences and what your current situation is, what is the wise decision? What might have been a wise decision last year, or a month ago, might not be wise now. Things change in our lives all the time and we need to be honest about our current situation. If you’re honest about where you are today it will really help you make the wisest decision possible.

3. In light of my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise decision? Taking into account your past and present, it is extremely helpful to look ahead and ask how this decision will impact your future. Sometimes what seems wise in the moment could have a negative impact on your future. This is where creating a personal vision for your life and asking God what He wants for your future is so important.

It is the combination of all 3 of these questions that helps us answer the BIG question; What is the wise decision? Don’t get overwhelmed by putting pressure on yourself to make a few big decisions that are perfect. Break things down and focus on making wise decisions every day that will lead you in the right direction of making wise decisions when it counts most. Lastly, we’d love to celebrate your wise decisions with you.

All you need to do is hashtag #cccgooddecision and let us know what wise decisions you’ve been making.